Hi, My Name is Seth Adams. I was born and raised on a farm in Hamilton County,Florida. I grow up helping my father on the farm, instead of solely living the farm life, I had other interests as a child. I began making short films at the age of 8 and still have many of them saved on my computer. I continued this passion all the way through high school where I made a short film called “Wanna B’s”(which you can find on YouTube) that got me a hefty scholarship to Full Sail University where I began my professional film making career. I graduated from Full Sail with my bachelors degree in Film Science in 2016 and started working on a nationally televised show shorty after. While I was working there I got offered a wedding gig by a co-worker and accepted. Once I completed that first wedding film, I realized how much I enjoyed capturing couple’s special days and turning them into beautiful films. I also liked that I had complete creative control and freedom to make the film go in any direction I wanted to, getting people to laugh, smile and cry all at the same time. This was the start of my wedding cinematography career and I plan to continue on this journey creating memories that last a lifetime.